• Both parents of our puppies are on the premises and available for viewing when you choose your puppy.


  • Our puppies will have contact with all of us from their date of birth until you take them to their forever home, making them very people friendly pets.


  • We start our puppies on a De-worming Schedule at 2 weeks of age and continue de-worming every 2 weeks.


  • When our puppies are mature enough to start eating puppy food, we feed them 4Health Puppy Food made by Diamond Pet Foods and available only at Tractor Supply. Our Labs eat 4Health Dog Food and we highly recommend it.


  • At 6 weeks of age our puppies will visit our Veterinarian’s Office for a Health Exam and their first shots.


  • They will be fully weaned at about 7 weeks old and will then be available for pickup. We provide a puppy packet with each puppy consisting of a bag of puppy food, some information about the puppy with some do’s and don’ts, Veterinarian paperwork, AKC registration paperwork, and a receipt.  


  • We have a Puppy Pickup Day shortly after the puppy's are 7 weeks old when you can pick a time to come out to Backyard Labs and pickup your new puppy. This will usually be the Saturday after they are 7 weeks old. Puppy Pickup Day has proved to be a big hit with our new owners and it is better for the puppies to all leave on the same day with hopefully not just 1 or 2 left behind.


  • The cost of one of our AKC Registered Labs is $900. A $300 deposit is required in advance to hold your puppy. Litter Picks Are Based on The Order That Deposits Are Received. A Litter Pick date and time will be agreed upon for an In Person Litter Pick. If the In Person appointment is missed, the next person in line for a Litter Pick would then become the next person to pick. We have had several of our new owners pick their puppy from the pictures that we put on the website when paying their deposit and that is a great way to do your litter pick. Because All Of Our Lab Puppies Are Great !! Deposits can be paid through PayPal or with Cash. Use the Buy Now Button below to pay your deposit with PayPal. PayPal or Cash are also now accepted for the remaining balance not paid as the Deposit. We provide PayPal Payment Buttons (Buy Now) below to pay both your Deposit and Balance Due for your convenience.


  • We understand that on occasion someone may need to pickup their new puppy a few day's after the typical 7 week old pickup day and that is fine and without an additional charge. If you need us to board your new puppy longer than this few day's period, such as for a Christmas Gift or Birthday Present, we provide that service for our new owners after they have paid in full for their new puppy. The cost of this service is $10 per day and is payable in advance


Paypal Payment Buttons

$300 Deposit

Why Backyard Labs ?

Molly and Roscoe as Puppies

Molly and Roscoe

$600 Balance Due After $300 Deposit

Many of you may be wondering where we got our name, Backyard Labs. Well, many large dog breeders look down upon small breeders because we aren’t as big as they are. We don’t have nearly as many litters each year as they do and therefore we don’t offer as many puppies each year to new owners like you as they do. So, as an insult to the small breeder, we are called “Backyard Breeders.” They may have a larger quantity of puppies to sell each year, but we believe that we offer better quality. You see, our AKC registered Labrador Retrievers are a part of our family and because of this; our AKC registered puppies are also a part of our family, until they become a part of yours. We are proud to be small “Backyard Breeders” and so we decided to celebrate that by using it in our name. We believe that our puppies are simply better. Our puppies are loved by our family and they are taken very good care of from birth until they become a part of your family. Our puppies are more social with people because the family, including our Grandchildren, interact and play with them daily. And we may even cry a little when they leave our home to go to yours. So there you have it. We are proud to be small and we’re proud to be Backyard Labs and we hope that you and your family will consider us when it's time for you to add one of these amazing animals to your family.

Roscoe Doing What He Loves