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                                                  Backyard Labs Visitation Policy



We are truly thankful that you are considering Backyard Labs as the provider of your newest family member. Labrador Retrievers are among the smartest dogs in the world. We love and cherish each one of our Labs and their puppies. And we intend to protect them from disease and theft.


In the dog world, just as in the human world, there are many diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, especially newborn puppies, unknowingly from human contact and by other dogs. Newborn puppies are especially susceptible to these diseases because they have not yet built-up immunities to them, and they are too young to be vaccinated against them until they are 6 weeks old! Parvo is just one disease that is terrible and very detrimental to any breeding program. Parvo can kill an entire litter of puppies in just a few days and can survive in the soil for years. This would endanger our ability to have dogs of our own on our property. This is, after all, also our home.


Because of this it is the policy of Backyard Labs to limit access to our property and our dogs and puppy litters until the appropriate time. This includes other dogs and animals, as they are not allowed to visit because of the risks of them bringing in diseases unknowingly from parks, vet offices, kennels, etc.

All visits must be scheduled in advance, which we are happy to do. We update pictures of our litters weekly on our Website, our Facebook Page, and the AKC website and 90% of our new puppy owners buy their puppy online and pay their deposit. But we understand if a person would not be comfortable doing that, so we are happy to set up an appointment for an in person visit to pick a puppy for those people.


In addition, our property and kennel are protected by video surveillance.


Please understand that this policy is intended to keep our dogs and your new puppy safe from disease and theft. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family and we believe you will enjoy your experience at Backyard Labs. We believe we provide more bang for your buck, a positive buying experience, and the smartest, sweetest puppies to be found anywhere. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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